Monthly Archives: May 2020

May 2020 Local Search Roundup

Google’s updates are not slowing down. As we grow accustomed to life with COVID-19 and how to do business amid social distancing practices, updates to the local search ecosystem have stopped becoming stopgaps and are now full-fledged long-term changes. To ensure marketers are making the most out of these trying times, it is crucial to […]

3 chatbot myths you can stop believing

Chatbots are disrupting the digital experience, fundamentally changing the way businesses interact with their audiences online. Although originally pioneered for use on ecommerce platforms, this digital technology is fast becoming a popular customer-engagement tool in a wide variety of industries—especially as the pandemic drives consumers online. As their use becomes commonplace, it’s time to dispel […]

Impromptu debate: Google’s free Shopping ads

Google’s decision to include organic listings in its expanded Shopping platform has prompted a ton of healthy debate across the industry—including our own interpretation for what it means for advertisers. Never ones to shy away from debate, DAC’s Kyle Harris (Director of Local Optimisation) and Brian Coccaro (AVP of Paid Search) sparred with one another […]

Keeping your customers in the loop: Website updates done right

Across the world, COVID-19 is quickly changing how countries and individuals function. Stress is at an all-time high, and it can be challenging for people to navigate through their now-different lives. During these times, businesses have to ensure that their crisis messaging is both clear and easy to follow. Just think about how frustrating it […]

4 key email marketing considerations during COVID-19

In these unusual days of the COVID-19 era, email marketers across countless industries have suddenly found themselves asking the same questions. Should my campaigns still be active? What is okay to market? What isn’t? Is it appropriate to be marketing at all? Best practices should be maintained in every marketing discipline even in times of […]

How to stay creative when working from home

As we all work together to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, working remotely has become the new normal for a lot of people. For creatives (UX designers, UI designers, product designers, copywriters, and many more) who are used to lots of in-person collaboration and brainstorming sessions, adapting to this new normal can be a challenge. […]

Round table recap: Marketing leaders share their pandemic insights

The word “disruption” has taken on new meaning for businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It no longer refers to iconoclast brands tearing up industry norms, but to the fact that the pandemic has reset organisational plans and strategies all over the world—and reinvented marketers’ roles in the process. To discuss those changing roles and understand […]