Monthly Archives: October 2016

Insider Q & A with Western Union’s Joycelyn David

Marketers are placing an increasing emphasis on being visible and relevant in very specific touch points of the customer journey. I had the pleasure of speaking with Joycelyn David, Head of Digital at Western Union Canada, to learn more about how the brand is expanding its digital reach and why marketers need to prioritise localisation and […]

What Vine’s closure can teach us about influencer marketing

Twitter announced last week that it is killing off its video sharing app, Vine. The service, which launched in 2013, let users create six second lopping videos (and sometimes longer), which could then be shared on Twitter. In many ways, Vine was the app that helped kick-start the video revolution on social media, and so […]

Facebook chatbots: Unilever jumps onboard with kid-friendly campaign

Earlier in the year, Facebook announced the launch of Bots for Messenger, designed to help businesses communicate more easily with their customers.  Mark Zuckerberg led the reveal, saying: “I’ve never met anyone who likes calling a business, and no one wants to have to install a new app for every service or business they want […]

DAC London wins Center Parcs award for Best Head Office Supplier

It is with great pride that we can announce that DAC London won Best Head Office Supplier at the prestigious Center Parcs Supplier Awards 2016. The competition was fierce as Center Parcs has almost 2,000 suppliers and it was a great honour just to make the 50 strong shortlist. Managing Partners, Luke and Mike, attended […]

Is it time to begin thinking beyond mobile and the ‘screen era’?

If we’re honest, it’s taken the industry some time to get to grips with mobile, and the worry is that we’ve come to it too late. From a brand and marketer perspective it has proved a confusing space, and this is despite the fact that we reached mobile tipping point a few years ago. In […]

5 Ways Penguin 4.0 Impacts SEO

Google Penguin 4.0 is now officially rolled out – and while it’s just one of many factors that can affect organic search, it’s a significant one. Here are the top 5 implication for brands and how to make it work for your company’s website. SEO is less set-and-forget than ever  With the latest Penguin update to […]

Agency secrets, and why the need for media transparency has never been greater

There has been a lot written about the subject of media transparency, but what is certain is that we are at a pivotal moment in agency / client life as a result of growing concerns that agencies have been accused of not always acting in their client’s (the advertiser’s) best interests, privately making money on […]

Adidas gets ‘down with the kids’ and takes on dark social

‘Dark social’ could change the face of influencer marketing, if Adidas’ forthcoming campaign proves successful. Speaking at the Festival of Marketing this week, Adidas spoke of its plans to create dark social squads of hyper-connected football fanatics, who will use direct messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Line to communicate their brand message, […]

How to use AdWords Editor’s Duplicate Keywords Tool

See that guy down there? His name is “Stressed Out PPC Manager.” Look at him – he’s so stressed out! You can see it in his furrowed brow. Why, you ask? His accounts are packed with duplicate keywords, but he doesn’t have time to manually remove them. There’s a simple way to solve his problem: […]