Monthly Archives: December 2015

What Scotland thinks of Content Marketing…

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of traveling around the country, armed with notepad and Dictaphone, to speak to some of Scotland’s best and brightest Content Marketers for my thesis research. A wide variety of senior, experienced practitioners of content marketing volunteered their valuable time and expertise, coming from a varied range of industries, […]

8 Local Search Predictions You Need To Know In 2016

2015 saw a number of major shifts and behaviour changes that greatly affected local search. Consumers continue to require more and more information on local businesses, yet search engines and online mapping publishers are making it harder and harder for businesses to be properly optimised in the channel. This struggle between evolving consumer demands and […]

How to keep track of Santa’s movements this Christmas

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is nowadays seen as the most trusted source of information for tracking Santa’s movements on Christmas eve…but I wonder how many of you know the heart-warming tale behind how this tradition began? Nowadays, most parents among us will turn to our nearest tablet or mobile app for Santa’s […]

Bringing multi-channel analytics into the marketing mix

We have recently discussed how important it is to have an overview and analyse the whole sequence of marketing channels leading to leads and transactions. For example, if a channel mostly performs as the initiator of communication with potential customers, the use of hard calls-to-action asking a person to buy now might not work as […]