Monthly Archives: December 2013

Latest Travel Marketing Trends

The IAB released their latest figures on the Travel brands and how they engaged with their audiences. It came as no surprise to hear that only 48% of the top 50 brands had a mobile friendly website, yet only 6% of them had tablet specific content created. Putting this into context, a few months back […]

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Converting?

The biggest gap in digital planning happens early in strategy development. With marketing and brand managers racing to integrate” must have” digital into their marketing plans many aren’t taking the time to identify how they’ll accurately measure outcomes. The old adage of 80% of winning is simply showing up rings true but, it’s the remaining […]

Paid Marketing Predictions for 2014

I love these end of year posts when we get to talk about all the things we wanted brands to do this year that will be eventually rolled at some point next year, as long as they don’t sidetracked by the another ‘new marketing opportunity’ in the process. In 2014 the digital marketing space and […]

Using the Dimensions Tab on a Limited Budget in Adwords

No matter what budget your PPC account has, it is important to make sure you are running your paid search campaigns as efficiently as possible. However, when dealing with smaller accounts, it can be extremely challenging to make an impact and get a return on your investment. One of the most helpful tools for identifying […]