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Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Converting?

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Converting?

Monday, December 16, 2013
Nasser Sahlool

The biggest gap in digital planning happens early in strategy development. With marketing and brand managers racing to integrate” must have” digital into their marketing plans many aren’t taking the time to identify how they’ll accurately measure outcomes. The old adage of 80% of winning is simply showing up rings true but, it’s the remaining 20% that wins budget and delivers value to client brands and consumers. Here are five tips worth keeping in mind as you put the finishing touches on your digital strategy.

Know your objectives

By defining goals early, plans will be lean; targeted and aligned with overall business performance objectives. Some of the most common objectives supported here at DAC are; cost per lead, conversion rate, cost per sale, ROI, improved user experience or brand interaction, community building, online path to purchase. Knowing your objectives before diving in can help avoid the creation of a narrowly focused plan.  If you’re not sure where to start, give some deliberate thought to your digital mandate, try asking your team the following questions to set the course. What is the plan intended to achieve? Who are we trying to reach? Does every action deliver value back to the brand, drive consumer intent or support an actionable CTA? Does each initiative deliver against a least one of your set objectives?

Get to know your target demographic

Knowing your consumer is key to delivering value; changing social demographics demand careful analysis of target consumer behaviour and touch point mapping. For instance, if you’re looking to reach the teen demographic your product may be better showcased via Instagram versus Facebook. Research as little as a year ago may have recommended the exact opposite. Additionally, behaviourally targeted display and ad customisation are heightening user experiences (and expectations). Look to Digital Media Strategists early to provide insight into target demographic habits and customisation capabilities. Treat your consumers as individuals and watch brand affinity and revenues grow.

Be timely, relevant and smart in targeting

A plethora of information can be found online – through value-laden content, offers, support, entertainment and overall superior engagement – brands can quickly develop and nurture tribes of consumers ready, willing and eager to support and advocate their brand preferences, echo service or products attributes, voice shared values and steward trial and adoption. Utilise such things as Google Analytics to help steer your content and conduct keyword research to help ensure your content remains relevant and is getting in front of your intended audience.

Share your rally cry

Be loud. Be bold. Be delightful.  Give your tribe a call to action. Let them know they’re not alone and encourage them to act immediately, engage often and share their experiences. Think along the lines of Net Promoter Scoring – everyone loves to share a great experience.

Measure and adapt

A large part of the love of digital is its scalable design, quick reflexes in campaign modification and perhaps most appealing to brand and strategy managers is the ability to track behaviour and make adjustments in near real-time; be it a modification to the check-out process, adjusting colour schemes, information capturing or refining the consumer experience to better meet (or surpass) expectations. A smooth, calculated user experience will keep consumers coming back for more. Backed by a little strategy, they may even bring their friends.

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Nasser Sahlool
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