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Top 6 Content Marketing Tools of 2017 (So Far)

Top 6 Content Marketing Tools of 2017 (So Far)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Content marketers in the digital space understand the complexities that come with aligning messaging and content with users throughout the purchase funnel. Developing and curating content can be a challenging task that requires analysis and a sound strategy. Fortunately, there are several tools to help us better understand our audiences and provide users with relevant content.

Every year we see a number of content tools and software that claim to revolutionize the market. Today, we are going to clear up the clutter and give you the lowdown on our favorites. Without further ado, here are the top seven content and social tools we use here at DAC to help simplify our clients’ content efforts. We hope you find one or two of use to aid your efforts!

Almighty Press
First on the list is Almighty Press. Almighty Press is a content discovery tool that uses an advanced algorithm to detect trending content before it’s actually trending, allowing brands to curate and distribute content before it becomes saturated through social feeds and media outlets. Using the system is quite simple. Develop keyword and domain presets and you will be notified when content relevant to your industry, products or service is trending, so you can begin curating and sharing content. It’s as easy as that.

As a content marketer, your time is valuable. Between developing content strategies, pitches and meetings, you need content tools that help you become more efficient on the job. CoSchedule helps you with exactly that. CoSchedule is a dynamic content calendar that connects to your social channels and blog platforms, allowing you to create and promote content all in one platform.

Finding highly relevant content can be a daunting task. Digging through blogs and articles can have you running in circles. However, Quuu can save you time and effort by developing content suggestions for you. Quuu helps curate a list of highly targeted and relevant content. With over 300 pre-loaded interest categories to choose from, Quuu can help improve your posting cadence and pave the way for more engaging social feeds.

Simply Measured
As a digital performance marketing agency, data is our priority. That’s why we love to use Simply Measured. Simply Measured helps analyze social performance by determining the impact of social leads and purchases. Not only can we use it to analyze our own data, but it also allows us to explore competitive reports to gain insights on competitors’ strategies and tactics. Simply put, this tool provides concrete answers on how social media is impacting business results.

Would we be doing ourselves any justice if we didn’t mention an influencer tool? Of course not! With dozens of influencer outreach tools available on the market, Influicity is one of our favorites. Although it is not new to 2017, attracting the right micro influencers for brands is more important than ever. Influicity provides users with access to over 10 million influencers, so you can be sure to find the best fit for your brand. Influicity has an advanced audience insight platform that provides in-depth insights into influencer audiences and engagement stats, allowing you to make informed decisions.

SEM Rush
I don’t think it’s possible to overemphasize the importance of keyword research. As content strategists, keyword research provides us with significant insights into opportunities and weaknesses for clients. Utilizing SEM Rush allows us to analyze keyword ranking and backlink sources, helping us build the foundation for strategic frameworks. Data is ingrained in our DNA at DAC, and SEM Rush provides the hard facts that allow us to make informed and targeted content decisions.

Content tools have dramatically changed the way we analyze and develop strategies for clients. Having the right content tools in place can help create a sense of calm in the busy world of digital marketing. With the ongoing threat of competitors, fragmented audiences and ever-changing industries, our reliance on these tools will continue to grow. That said, the tools only take us so far and must be paired with strategic thinking and sound data analysis.

To learn more about how DAC can help you achieve business results with a strong content strategy, get in touch!

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