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A letter from our CEO on diversity and inclusion at DAC

DAC’s values are and have always been inclusive and expansive. We have a zero-tolerance policy against racism or any other kind of discrimination. Our first responsibility is to our team members, to provide a safe and welcoming environment—both physically and emotionally—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or belief. We have and always will rail against anything other than absolute adherence to this guiding principle. 

The murder of George Floyd, while a tragic milestone in a long history of institutionalized racism and the subsequent explosion of outrage, is a defining moment that brings racism—in particular that suffered by black people—into sharp focus. At DAC, we utterly condemn racism and discrimination in any form. But it’s not enough to just say what you are against. You have to say what you are for.  

The DAC community stands for respect, inclusion, equal opportunity, diversity, and character. 

George Floyd was not the first victim of racism, and he will not be the last. This is a journey that has taken too long to get to this point, and will need our time, effort, and commitment to overcome. As a progressive organization, we are continuously updating our policies and activities to make a difference.

Take good care and be safe.