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Rudy Nassar

Rudy Nassar

Account Director
How I drive performance: By asking the right questions to the right persons at the right time. Whether it's with our clients or our internal teams, performance is optimal when all key players in a project have a good understanding of the objectives, challenges, limitations and opportunities. By covering all the key points of a project, including its blind spots, it becomes easier for me to better communicate our clients' expectations to our internal teams and more importantly to better educate our clients on the strategic and tactical choices proposed by our teams.
When I’m not working: I love all racquet games (tennis, badminton, squash, and ping pong), watching NBA games, and participating in online professional and personal training.
Hidden talent: I've been playing bass guitar since 4 years now, it's a passion. If you like Cliff Burton, Flea, John Paul Jones or Geddy Lee, you might appreciate my musical choices.
Dream vacation destination: Iceland fascinates me with its northern lights, lagoons, geysers and fjords.
My morning routine: I like to read the news and answer all the WhatsApp messages I missed the day before, along with a good Nespresso coffee of course.
It’s Friday, I’m… ... I'm at home with several friends. I am making cocktails with reggae music playing in the background.