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Owen Gayzur

Owen Gayzur

Senior Digital Coach | Agent Wrangler
How I drive performance: I strive to provide an exceptional client service experience by going above and beyond what is necessary, and instead treat each and every client the way I know I would like to be treated in each of their unique situations.
Something you don't know about me: I love hockey. But you probably already knew that.
Words to live by: Don't pass on the negative qualities passed on to you
Favorite food: Soviet Spy sandwich from Rocky's Deli!
When I’m not working: I enjoy playing sports, playing and listening to music, outdoor activities, traveling, and craft beer
Tea or coffee? Coffee
Website I can’t live without: Reddit
If I had a superpower: Flying, of course
Social media platform of choice: Instagram
Top childhood movie: Star Wars Episode VI
Karaoke favorite: Don't Stop Believing
Sports team of choice: New York Rangers
I’m reading: The Martian by Andry Weir
Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas all day
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars!!
Dream vacation destination: Swiss Alps
My morning routine: Lament going to sleep so late, scramble to get my clothes ready, forget to make a sandwich for lunch, sit in traffic until I arrive at work
My spirit animal: Sterling Mallory Archer