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Maksym Lavrov

Maksym Lavrov

Development Lead | Code Ninja
How I drive performance: Asking right questions, setting clear expectation, making sure to clearly understand goals, getting feedback and keep moving forward
Something you don't know about me: Even me don't know something about me
Words to live by: Fac quod debes, fiat quod fiet
Favorite food: Meat please
When I’m not working: I am working on something else
Tea or coffee? the better one please
Top childhood movie: Pay it forward
Hidden talent: Well.. it is hidden ;)
If I owned a shop, I would sell: Motorcycles
I'm no Jamie Oliver, but I can whip up a delicious: Shrimps
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
First purchase after winning the lottery: Champagne and flowers
My spirit animal: Bear
It’s Friday, I’m… still at work