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Krista Brower

Krista Brower

Digital Media Manager | Artist
How I drive performance: Uh - I'm a pretty good driver!
Something you don't know about me: I have made my love for painting/drawing into a little side business.
Words to live by: Whatever's meant to be, will be
Favorite food: Any potato form
When I’m not working: I'm doing some creative project
Tea or coffee? Coffee
Website I can’t live without: Pinterest
If I had a superpower: Shapeshifter
Social media platform of choice: Instagram
Top childhood movie: Never Been Kissed
Karaoke favorite: Killing Me Softly
Hidden talent: Dancing
Sports team of choice: Anything Basketball
If I owned a shop, I would sell: Remodel furniture and paintings
Top three dinner guests: Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, John Legend
What’s your wallpaper? A simple white brick background
Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas
I'm no Jamie Oliver, but I can whip up a delicious: Homemade baked mac n' cheese
Dream vacation destination: Thailand
My morning routine: Brush teeth, wash face, then COFFEE
First purchase after winning the lottery: Paying off student debt
Go-to ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
My spirit animal: Elephant
If I was trending, my hashtag would be: #paintedbykris
It’s Friday, I’m… ready to get some sleep
Top of my bucket list: Travel and try new foods