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Jared Hendrickson

Jared Hendrickson

Vice President/General Manager, New York | The Honey Badger
How I drive performance: Challenging our team to think about what to do differently tomorrow.

Jared is an advertising and marketing communication thought leader with creative instincts and leadership abilities, earning trust and respect from clients and colleagues. He is driven by the belief that a good idea can come from anywhere and always be made better.
Jared has frontline experience in market research, strategy development and branding in both digital and traditional media advertising working with brands such as IBM, PepsiCo, Sylvan Leaning, and Nordstrom.

Since 2012, he has led local demand generation initiatives at our New York office; programs that combine SEM, Display, CRM, SEO, iYP and Local Presence Management for Fortune 100 and small to mid-size organizations

Something you don't know about me: Do your best
Website I can’t live without:
Karaoke favorite: White Wedding
Sports team of choice: Mets
I’m reading: A list of questions to answer for the DAC web site
Work BFF: Kevin Legault
App I can’t live without: Waze
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Search
Title of my as-yet-unwritten autobiography: I can’t access the F Drive
Favorite superhero: Yoda
Brand I admire: Disney