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Gina Fiocchi

Gina Fiocchi

Group Account Director | Varsity Client Cheerleader
How I drive performance: I listen and become ingrained in my clients' businesses. Doing so allows myself and our teams to understand the challenges they face and the solutions we can create.
Favorite food: Dessert.
Tea or coffee? Both. Depends on the mood.
Social media platform of choice: Instagram
Karaoke favorite: "How Can We Be Lovers" by Michael Bolton
Hidden talent: Pie decorating
Sports team of choice: Chicago Cubs!
I’m watching: Anything on Netflix. And Friends. Always Friends.
Pirates or ninjas? How about ninja turtles...
Dream vacation destination: Capri
First purchase after winning the lottery: A one-way ticket to my dream vacation destination (see answer above).
Go-to ice cream flavor: Cinnamon - which is very hard to find. And I am not talking red hot cinnamon either.