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Dan Temby

Dan Temby

Senior Vice President, Technology | The De-Obfuscator
How I drive performance: Being the steak behind the sizzle.

Dan has been all up in the internet’s business since AltaVista was the search engine of choice and “hits” were the only metric that mattered. Joining DAC in 2008 as the agency’s primary digital technology guru, he drove the development of our core platforms, one of which has a patent pending in his name.

Now DAC’s VP of Technology, Dan oversees our IT system strategy, software and application development, and marketing science and analytics teams — responsibilities that can be neatly summed up by the term “geek wrangling” (not as physical as it sounds… usually.) He also has direct experience in all of DAC’s core competencies; experience that continually informs his tech practice.

Dan, a proud dad/step-dad to four fantastic kids, has restless hands and is constantly fiddling with something, whether it’s a deck of cards, the piano in his office or the DAC ping pong leaderboard. Nothing underhanded, of course — he’s just really good at table tennis.

Work BFF: Not Nasser Sahlool
My spirit animal: Schrödinger’s cat