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Andria Gordon

Andria Gordon

Group Account Director | VP, Hamster Herder
How I drive performance: I chain my team to their desks. Don't worry, they get bathroom breaks. And catered breakfast. And snacks. Really. Don't feel bad for them.
Something you don't know about me: I have the TV tastes of a 13 year old girl. (So does Dan Temby)
Favorite food: I'm obsessed with all things rainbow sprinkles.
Tea or coffee? I don't trust tea drinkers.
Top childhood movie: Showgirls
I'm no Jamie Oliver, but I can whip up a delicious: Toast. I never ever burn it.
My morning routine: Kiss my husband, grab my toddlers and head to the office with a coffee the size of said toddler.
Where’s Waldo? On the 6th floor. Good luck finding him.
It’s Friday, I’m… here and likely the first one because I'm crazy that way. Friday is the new Monday. Am I right? Am I? Anyone?