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Google Business Profile Robocall Scams are Increasing

October 16, 2023 /
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Few millennials answer their phones and a large portion of that issue stems from the rampant abuse of robocalls. Businesses don’t have the luxury of ignoring when their phone rings however and when the spam calls come in, someone will be on the other end of the line listening to the annoying message. Larger issues than wasted time are occurring though. With these spam calls specifically targeting Google listings, using the same robotic voice utilized by Google for their automatic messages, businesses are seeing their revenue stolen by these bad actors.

Businesses genuinely encounter issues such as listing suspensions, lack of verification, or Google simply calling to confirm their hours of operation. Bad actors are replicating the messages used for these common occurrences but are also adding the comment that these issues are to be resolved for a fee. Until the mention of a cost, businesses could easily believe the spam calls to be genuine. What is important to note and that all staff who use the phones should be trained to know, is that Google will never ask for payment. Google Business Profiles are free, and any action taken with them equally comes without charge. Unless you are the one who reached out to Google about a paid ad campaign, there should not even be the suggestion of money changing hands.