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Demandware or Salesforce Commerce Cloud SEO Issues Fixed

Demandware and Salesforce SEO Issues

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (aka Demandware)

The commerce cloud formerly known as ‘Demandware’ is a “leading e-commerce platform for retailers, allowing them to grow and manage tailored desktop and mobile commerce sites.”

In other words, it is a fantastic bit of kit for your business that is designed to improve conversions; giving you more sales from your traffic.

However, as with all things, it does come with its own unique set of challenges.

If you are reading this, chances are you are dealing with:

  • Errors in your error codes (302 redirects etc.)?
  • Javascript and/or CSS slowing down your site?
  • Bloated URL’s making you sad?
  • Duplicate content having a negative SEO impact?
  • Indexing issues preventing people finding what they want on Google?
  • Lack of https:// support?

If so, and you have 100k+ visitors to your site every month, then you will want to speak to one of the technical SEO team today; we’ll go through your issues, and we’ll give you a FREE SEO CONSULTATION designed to help take your pain away.

And yes, we collect your email address, but don’t worry; the spam will be minimal, and tasty!

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