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Why Brands Need to Win the Battle for Local Consumers

Marketing has always been about connecting brands to consumers. With the growth of digital, the channel mix (search, social, display) grew and brands began to talk about “omni-channel” and delivering “cross-channel experiences”. But some brands neglected to include their stores as part of this omni-channel experience and some have paid the ultimate price.  You only […]

eTail Nordic: The Future of Voice Search

The DAC team have returned from their Copenhagen trip, feeding back that it was a fantastic event. A word from our VP Client Strategy, Nasser Sahlool: Thank you to everyone that made it out to Copenhagen for the eTail™ Nordic conference, and to those that connected with the DAC team of Koen Smeets, Tim Maicher […]

Customer Journey Analysis: A Beginner’s Guide

Ready to crank up the conversions? This is a beginner’s guide to the Customer Journey Analysis, our method of drawing actionable insights from a site’s user behaviour. Just imagine understanding your customers’ needs, their behaviours, their decision-making processes. With the Customer Journey Analysis, it’s more than possible – it’s guaranteed.

The Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are the new frontier, and marketers are the pioneers. Whether you are familiar with Facebook advertising or not, if you haven’t ventured to the land of Instagram ads yet, now is the perfect time to do so. It’s likely that your target audience will be checking their Instagram accounts over the summer for […]

Content Silos: The Cycle of SEO Success

When people think of digital marketing, they probably think of SEO. Even people with only a general awareness of digital marketing have probably heard of SEO (even if they don’t know what all the letters mean). For those of us who live and breathe SEO, the search for the latest tactics is always on our […]

Content Marketing that caught the Ambergreen eye in October 2015

No company exists in isolation, you have to be aware of the latest trends and developments in your sector and you have to give yourself the opportunity to be inspired by others. At Ambergreen, we’ve always got our eyes and ears open to quality content marketing and – where it’s merited – we’re big enough […]

Getting good data – An excellent example from The Economist

We love data. It helps inform everything we do, backs up everything we say, and helps demonstrate our success. But often the challenge is how to gather that data in the first place. Analytics is a great start, but what if you need more qualitative data? Most of the data we can collect with web […]

Change in Travel Sector Social Media Infographic

The travel sector is used to change – it’s the only thing that’s stayed constant since the dawn of the digital age. From the evolution of search engines to data-driven social engagement, customers expect to be empowered to make their own travel decisions, based on their own needs and user-generated recommendations. It’s what has fueled the rise […]

What the Rugby World Cup taught me about digital marketing

If you’re anything like me, you are loving every minute of the Rugby World Cup so far. The shock win by Japan over South Africa was a dramatic start, and with both England and Scotland on great form (even despite the loss to Wales last weekend) I’m a happy man! Then I read Ross’ post […]