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How to Prepare a Programmatic Workforce in Your Agency

Math, Math and More Math! We have all heard by now how programmatic media will grow exponentially in the near future… that’s old news. But are we prepared in terms of the expertise and knowledge base required to plan and deliver media campaigns in this burgeoning area? Do we, as agencies, have the right skill […]

The Visibility Gap in Travel Marketing

Today’s traveller uses more touch points than ever before they rush off and make the final decision on what company or companies they use to book their online travel. In marketing terms this means the more ground your brand can cover, the better. Your audience may looking for a holiday idea, a location, a hotel, […]

In Marketing Automation We (Don’t) Trust

Have you noticed the fingertip speed and agility of a teenager texting or swiping through apps? The dexterity is mesmerising, like watching a spider spin a web. This is but one example (fashioning wheels and building fires are others) of how instinctively we use technology, and in this digital information age, there is so much […]

The App, the Browser and the Mobile Ad Blocker

Browsers were once the battlefields where advertising revenue wars were won and lost. Now, that battle is evolving and we have a new contender on our hands; the mobile ad blocker. There’s nothing new about the ad blocker, internet users have been using them for years and 28% of Americans claim to already use Eyeo’s […]

Digital Media and the Journey of Insidious Intent

In honour of World Poetry Day, March 21 2015… There are times I more acutely see the generation gap wrenching open before me like a canyon on the landscape of digital marketing. I’m on one side yelling across the chasm to my talented colleagues in the paid media department, asking such questions as how does […]

Part 2: Native Programmatic Advertising

With the first part of the long anticipated Native advertising guidelines recently released by IAB, digital marketing focus has shifted once more to Native Advertising. What adds to the excitement is that the IAB is close to completing the OpenRTB API Specification 2.3, which for the first time includes two buzzwords of the digital marketing […]