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August 2019 LPM Roundup

This month Google focused on local updates specific to the restaurant, hospitality, and travel industries⁠—along with some engine-wide updates that will likely require businesses of all kinds to rethink elements of their local marketing strategies. So, let’s great straight to it and take stock of all the latest happenings in Local Presence Management (LPM). Google […]

Google’s ‘Privacy Sandbox’ Invigorates Data Transparency Debate

Tech giants have to tread a fine line between protecting user privacy and offering up enough user data to entice advertisers. Although people have become increasingly wary of how their data is harvested, they’re rarely willing to pay for ad-free website access. Advertisers, for their part, still require access to user data to justify their […]

Global Brand, Local Flavour: How Restaurants Cater to National Tastes

Playwright George Bernard Shaw once said that there is no sincerer love than the love of food. Judging by the steady growth of the global fast food market—with a compound annual growth rate of 5%, amounting to $188.4 billion between 2018 and 2022—our love for food is stronger than ever. For many quick-service restaurants (QSRs), […]

Hotel Moneyball: Supercharge Your Marketing with Total Revenue

Siloed data is a serious challenge for many hotels. Reservation records may sit in the booking engine, restaurant and bar spend in another system, spa and leisure bookings elsewhere, and marketing activity in separate online advertising and analytics platforms. In a market dominated by online travel agencies (OTAs), how can hotels get more value from […]