Monthly Archives: February 2018

Solving the customer journey puzzle: Understanding Google Analytics’ new features

Nowadays, more and more brands are embracing data-driven decision-making to put the customer at the core of their marketing activities. This is the so-called customer journey mapping. A recent eMarketer study revealed that 61% of worldwide digital marketers expect personalisation to be the leading tactic used to attract new customers. To aid in gathering more information […]

A Look at Creative Marketing for Valentine’s Day

Whatever your personal view on Valentine’s Day may be – a special day for you to spend time with and spoil your loved ones, or a shallow, commercial, capitalist invention to steal your money and make you feel inadequate – the fact is that Valentine’s Day means money, and plenty of it. Generating over $20 […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Local Content That Ranks

The importance of local SEO cannot be overlooked. With the rise of mobile use and Google’s increasingly sophisticated understanding of user intent, ranking locally has become the best way to increase footfall into local businesses.   Rather than focus on the Local Pack (which is the map/geographic-focused results often appearing at the top of the […]

The State of UX: In-Store and Online

I recently decided to purchase a pair of pants at a high-end retail store in downtown Toronto; as I made my way into the store, the scent of the dark oak wood floors, the sound of ambient music and the sight of soft, colourful clothing felt warm and welcoming. The visceral appeal had already triggered […]