Travel White Paper: Departures, Destinations and Disruptors

Travel White Paper: Departures, Destinations and Disruptors

Friday, December 15, 2017

 We’re thrilled to launch our latest white paper, Departures, Destinations and Disruptors, which examines how forward-thinking brands use digital channels to engage today’s demanding and digitally-savvy travelers.

The report combines original research and expert interviews with travel and hospitality marketers including Andy Kaplinsky, Chief Commercial Officer at Greyhound; Robecta Ma, VP Marketing at Cathay Pacific Airways; and Carre LePage, VP Marketing at Flight Centre Travel Group.

The report covers the challenges and opportunities for travel and hospitality marketers as they attempt to offer authentic, localized experiences and adapt to the dramatic impact of disruptors like AirBnB.

“With travelers doing more research online and more likely to share their experiences online than ever before, travel and hospitality marketers need to own their customer journey from beginning to end,” says Sari Stein, Strategic Insights Director at DAC. “The marketers we interviewed understand that localized and personalized digital marketing campaigns are their best bet for encouraging customer loyalty.”

The full report is available for download here.