New SERP Reflection

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Phil Britton

With Google’s change to the search engine results page, and Facebook’s integration (link to post about facebook places) of local deals via Facebook Places, it is clear that local content is stealing the show.  What does this mean for your internet marketing strategy, and how are your partners going to help guide you through the rapidly rising local tidewater?

We’ve always taken a holistic approach to search and continue to provide our clients with a very localized strategy to capture ‘ready to buy’ leads.  We’ve made significant development of our internal technology and process to provide our clients with a fully integrated strategy, for local search success. Our PAGEtorrent™ programs have always provided unique local content to help drive organic traffic, as well as provide ideal conversion infrastructure to receive paid search traffic.

These two channels are going to remain important, but with an even more local focus, we can leverage our strength in these channels by integrating local listings. DAC’s new platform can control your listing data in ‘core databases’ which provide data to a majority of search engines, iYP’s and local search sites.  We can ensure your listing data is accurate and consistent across a several channels. We can also integrate components of your search program, like landing pages, to further corroborate your listing data by providing citations. This change validates the holistic, local approach on which our programs foundation resides, and positions us very well for growth in this dynamic environment.

This is an extreme example, but when someone is looking for something that can only be fulfilled locally, for example, auto repair, plumbing services or appliance repair, Google is recognizing that a much larger importance be placed on local results.  We’ve yet to see the actual impact this has on impressions and actions, but we’ve measured a large sampling of listings, 30 days prior to the launch, and on November 29th, we will have collected 30 days of data in the new format. Needless to say, I will be tempestuously blogging about the results, once they are analyzed.

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