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It’s Official: We’re Adobe Certified Experts

It’s Official: We’re Adobe Certified Experts

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Change is inevitable, but growth takes vision and enterprise—especially in the fast-evolving world of digital, where the right tools and expertise can make the difference between getting ahead and getting left behind.

That’s why every member of our forward-thinking Marketing Science team is an officially designated Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). It’s an elusive, exclusive designation that few agencies are able to obtain, and it comes with a host of benefits and positive implications for all of our client engagements.

What does Adobe certification mean for our clients?

Our status as an Adobe Silver Partner (formerly Business Level Partner) is no small feat, but our true passion is for our clients—and the unique, transformative opportunities we can open up for them with our industry-leading expertise.

With exclusive, first-hand access to the integrated Adobe Experience Cloud technology stack, our marketing scientists have developed world-class skills to drive significant improvements in critical areas of digital marketing, from customer experience and content velocity to media efficiency and, ultimately, ROI. Three platforms lie at the core of this stack:

Adobe technology stack

  • Adobe Analytics: The acknowledged market leader in web analytics; captures user interactions with websites, purchase flows, and content consumption.
  • Adobe Target: Supports testing and personalization through geo-location, browsing behavior, demographics, segmentation, user attributes, session attributes, and social relations. Can also ingest user data and attributes from other sources to create segments and personalize content.
  • Adobe Audience Manager: Adobe’s class-leading data management platform that builds unique and complex audience profiles, identifies the most valuable segments, and leverages them across any digital channel.

We’ve also gained unparalleled expertise in Adobe Sensei, which uses machine learning to reveal detailed insights into how online customers behave. As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to serve relevant content, personalize experiences, and even anticipate what customers want next, all the way down to the hyperlocal level. It’s a priceless asset for our marketing scientists—and, by extension, our client-partners—in an increasingly AI-driven world.

What sets Adobe apart?

There is no shortage of tools and technologies designed to identify user behavior, reveal optimization opportunities, and deliver amazing experiences—but they’re not all made equal. Because we’re in the business of client delight, we’re only drawn to the platforms that can drive meaningful growth for our clients.

According to The Forrester Wave™, Adobe is the runaway market leader for digital intelligence and rolling out AI features on an aggressive schedule—two areas of critical importance for our clients and prospects, especially those with distributed local footprints. Of course, the end goal remains the same: to provide digital marketing teams with the tools for better customer insight and engagement.

It’s time to unlock your digital potential

We’ve never been better equipped to unlock exciting new opportunities for our clients. Combining our unique focus on local with the world’s leading digital suite, we’ll help you understand your audience, optimize your investment in digital, and drive growth beyond your KPIs.

Want to know exactly what our team of ACEs can do for your business? Whether it’s a targeted fix or a complex digital engagement, it all starts with a friendly chat—contact DAC today.

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