eMarketer Taps DAC for its Latest Report: Digital Marketing Trends in Canada

eMarketer Taps DAC for its Latest Report: Digital Marketing Trends in Canada
Monday, December 05, 2016

After speaking with top Canadian marketers from companies including Honda, the Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada and our own Mario Lemieux, President of DAC / Canada, eMarketer has identified three key challenges and three opportunities for Canadian marketers in 2017.

Multi-touch attribution, ad blocking and the digital talent gap were identified as the biggest things marketers need to resolve in 2017, while harnessing data, honing content and taking advantage of immersive formats were identified as the most exciting opportunities.

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“There’s a need for marketers to invest in high-quality options early in order to understand multi-touch attribution, predict consumer behavior and improve targeting,” said Lemieux.

The report underlines the challenge of recruiting digital marketing talent who deeply understand analytics and can work with data. Understanding the rich data digital marketing efforts can generate as well as getting a handle on attribution will be even more important as marketers take advantage of creating sophisticated content for multiple platforms and using immersive formats.


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The full report is available to all eMarketer subscribers online. DAC will be hosting a webinar to review the trends and findings of the report later this month. To learn more, please get in touch!