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DAC Announces Proove Intelligence

DAC Announces Proove Intelligence

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What happens when your web analytics team evolves into a breakthrough center of excellence? You double down, re-imagine the possibilities, and give it the freedom to create transformative, data-driven change for your clients.

So, we’re delighted to announce the launch of Proove Intelligence, our specialized analytics practice that activates under-utilized client data to drive iterative, measurable business growth.

Our 10-year proof of concept

Emerging from its roots as a pure-play web analytics group almost a decade ago, our Marketing Science department has grown to include best-in-class data analytics, reporting, and business intelligence expertise, serving some of the most progressive brands in North America and Europe. In 2019, the team is evolving into an independent, multidisciplined practice that combines scientific methodologies with creative problem-solving to tackle unique business challenges.

“Data surplus isn’t just for large conglomerates anymore,” says DAC CEO and Managing Partner, Norm Hagarty. “We’re seeing many companies sit on valuable data without the time or in-house talent to appropriately activate it.”

“We’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals to directly address this marketplace gap, extracting value from data that helps organizations tackle their immediate growth and retention challenges.”

Proove Intelligence Outcome Engine

Dan Temby, President of Proove Intelligence, explains the team’s process: “We specialize in driving transformative long-term business outcomes by executing and iterating on rapid analyses that drive near-term meaningful results, all of which are verified and fine-tuned out in the field.”

“Our unique Outcome Engine has been designed from the ground up to help business leaders argue with data to justify decisions and triggering real growth within their organization. And our name, Proove Intelligence, expresses our desire to tangibly demonstrate value, helping clients realize the true potential of their data assets.”

What does this mean for DAC clients?

Proove Intelligence is its own distinct practice, but still very much an integral part of DAC’s diverse Enterprise-to-Local strategies. In fact, Proove Intelligence’s uniquely multidisciplined approach is largely down to DAC’s breadth of services, thriving industry partnerships, and burgeoning status as a leading international performance agency.

If you’re an existing DAC client, your engagement is not affected by the launch of Proove Intelligence—other than the fact that you will continue to benefit from our rapidly evolving mastery of data-driven marketing.

Not currently engaged with DAC? Looking for a new data analytics partner? Get in touch with us to arrange an informal chat, or head over to the Proove Intelligence site to find out how we can overcome any data roadblock—and capitalize on your data surplus—to drive tangible gains.

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