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May 2021 Local Search Roundup

Warmer weather, relaxed restrictions, and a series of updates and upgrades in local search—it’s fair to say that May 2021 had a little bit of everything. Let’s take a closer look at the changes that matter to brick-and-mortar businesses everywhere. Google’s May 22 algorithm update The month of May was saturated with algorithm updates with […]

April 2021 Local Search Roundup

As 2021 gets into full swing, so too do the changes in local search. Join us for a quick rundown of all the updates you need to know about, from enhanced delivery/pickup features to a shiny new local two-pack. Let’s go! Google reveals local search trends amid COVID-19 With the profound impact the pandemic is […]

March 2021 Local Search Roundup

An algorithm update, free listings on Google Hotels, and a shiny new “estimated cost” field in the local pack. March brought a series of iterative changes to local search—some experimental in nature, others seemingly overdue—so let’s get straight to it. Google’s latest search ranking algorithm update In the last week of February, Google rolled out […]

February 2021 Local Search Roundup

Desktop messaging, review snippet stars, restaurant search filters… February’s local search updates may not have reinvented the wheel, but they have improved quality of life for business owners, marketers, and anybody seeking to drive local growth. Let’s get straight to it. Google adds black-owned business label and scroll-to-text on product results With the relevant timing […]

January 2021 Local Search Roundup

The calendar may say 2021, but local search is still adapting, evolving, and learning from last year’s wild challenges. In fact, January brought significant changes including new listings UI, unsolicited features, crowdsourced confirmation of health and safety features, and a huge opportunity for price drops to dominate product-related searches. Let’s dive straight in! Google My […]

November 2020 Local Search Roundup

An eventful year may be winding down, but there’s no such thing as a lull in local search. This month, Google pushed ahead with a few updates that have been months in the making—but it wasn’t all plain sailing for the search giant. All is revealed in our November roundup. Google reviews and replies fail […]

October 2020 Local Search Roundup

This month in local search, Google made great strides in call histories, review solicitation, and… haircuts? Let’s cut straight to the chase and break down exactly what you need to know about the latest updates in an industry that changes faster than any other. A new “Call History” feature for Google My Business Starting with […]

September 2020 Local Search Roundup

September was a mixed bag in local search. While Google’s COVID-related updates continued as expected, the search giant’s primary competitors—Apple and Bing—both adjusted their review integrations in a way that hurt a different big player in the review market. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic is prompting consumers to reconsider how they judge and choose businesses, so changes […]

August 2020 Local Search Roundup

Although there were few surprises this month in local search, Google released a number of significant updates as they lean in to plans they’ve been preparing all year—including changes in shopping, a greater emphasis on mobile page speed and reviews, and a smattering of new COVID-related mechanisms. None of these updates should come as a […]

Instantly boost your Google My Business rankings by removing spam

Googles finds more than 25 billion spam-filled pages every day. Last year, Google users submitted more than 230,000 reports of spam, 82% of which resulted in pages being taken down. Very simply, spam is part of the experience when it comes to internet staples like Google Maps and Google My Business (GMB)—but some suffer its […]