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Google Business Profiles with Bookable Services and New Multi-Tab Layout

April 1, 2024 /
All industries  /   Google Business Profile 

Google Business Profiles (GBPs) can now show services with bookable buttons. Local panels have had the option for booking button since 2017 but now they are also available within profile’s service section. The services section is also now separated into two sub-menus on mobile. The first tab is “Bookable services”, where you can find a “Book” button next to each service. The second tab is “Additional Services”, the standard services section always seen within Google Business Profiles.

This feels like a genuine quality of life improvement within GBPs. The less friction there is between a customer finding a service they want and them having to make a booking, the fewer opportunities there will be to stop the purchasing process. Between finding the service and having to call, email, or search for the online booking option, a customer can change their mind or get distracted, costing the business a lead. When there is a call-to-action right next to the listed service itself, businesses will see more interested consumers following through with their purchasing decisions.

For a business to add this “Bookable Services” tab to their profile, they will need to follow the same method that allowed for reservations via their GBP. These booking integrations are powered via Google Reserve partners and just as they were setup to appear on the local panel and on Maps, the same method will allow this new tab to appear on mobile. For any business that has considered working with a Reserve with Google partner, this is another reason why they should begin the process.