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Case study: NetJets

The challenge

NetJets sells part-ownership or shares of private business jets, catering to ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI)—an audience that is particularly hard to reach through traditional online methods.

In 2018, NetJets engaged us to create a digital-first omnichannel strategy delivering qualified leads from UHNWIs in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). The company’s key digital marketing challenge was measuring marketing activity in a highly competitive marketplace. Key performance indicators were not being effectively tracked and costs were increasing without demonstrating measurable return. As a result, significant investment was allocated to areas that provided no evidence of returning any KPIs. We needed to carefully plan budgets through the year by market and medium to maximise conversions and opportunities and to increase brand awareness for growth markets.

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The solution

Our overarching strategy was to communicate NetJets’ market-leading offering to the right audience at the right time. The foundations were laid by reviewing web analytics platforms and ensuring best practice setup. All channels were reviewed and optimised to find cost savings and efficiencies—while still driving volume—and a thorough audience analysis formed the basis of the digital mix with a push into social channels.

We then rolled out an in-market UHNWI ‘micro moments’ strategy, which focused on finding the elusive target consumer in their niche domains: private airports, five-star hotels, luxury events, and exclusive global locations.

  1. Paid media was initially focused on optimising existing channels and testing new ones.
  2. Significant changes were made by utilising social media advertising and expanding the market focus.
  3. An SEO and content strategy was implemented to inform and educate potential customers throughout the buying journey.
  4. Strong web analytics underpinned all platforms and, crucially, integrated sales calls to media reporting.


The impact

By focusing on analysing indirect ways to engage UHNWIs using micro-moment targeting, we have been able to significantly increase brand awareness to a niche demographic. Further CRM integration has enabled a better education of prospects and a deeper understanding of barriers to conversion, ultimately informing our content plans.

We were also able to use the data to make some crucial deductions about the audience. Social media advertising, for instance, was traditionally an area that NetJets assumed didn’t suit the audience. However, by building out tailored creative and messaging, we were able to demonstrate the value for lead generation. We’re now working with NetJets on a long-term basis.


increase in users


increase in brand searches


decrease in cost per lead with like-for-like budget