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Case Study: INTOSOL

The challenge

Luxury travel provider INTOSOL needed to get more from its investment in digital—not an easy task in an extremely competitive market. They partnered with us to create a performance-driving online marketing strategy with specific goals relating to organic search visibility, website structure and usability, and lead generation through new channels, including Facebook.


The solution

We got to know INTOSOL’s business in great detail, building knowledge about their goals, competitors, and opportunities. As a result, we were able to create an effective business relationship where ideas could be quickly spun up into fully formed lead campaigns. Here’s how we approached paid social.

Smartphone displaying an INTOSOL Facebook post

1 In-depth research

Workshop, discovery, and analysis was priority one. We determined which online marketing channels were best suited to INTOSOL’s target audience.

2 Channel and tactic selection

Identifying Facebook as an excellent platform for luxury travel, we build a paid social strategy to capitalise. After extensive testing—and a lot of lateral thinking—we decided on a set of highly targeted tactics.

3 Paid social

We rolled out paid social ad campaigns by destination, tailoring creative to appeal to specific interests.

4 Landing pages

We built highly relevant, conversion-optimised landing pages for each campaign, ensuring a seamless user experience from ad to conversion. Each page was built with SEO principles in mind to maximise organic exposure.

The impact

We’re a close strategic partner for INTOSOL’s digital endeavours, but our paid social campaigns have had arguably the biggest impact. In fact, we’ve engineered some truly transformative growth on this front, helping INTOSOL gain prominence—and exceed business goals—in the face of some fierce competition.


number of conversions on a daily basis


decrease in cost-per-lead


increase in number of leads annually