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Google Announces Two Upcoming Search Features: “Circle to Search” and “AI-Powered Multisearch”

January 29, 2024 /
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Circle to Search:

Google launched its “Reverse Image Search” functionality in 2011. This impressive piece of technology allowed users to seek out an images origin as well as finding other places online where that identical image was posted. Through over a decade of development, Reverse Image Search now allows users to find images with similar but not identical content.

Google’s latest step forward in searching via images is now “Circle to Search.” With this, users can draw a ring around which parts of an image are relevant to them, then using the latest in AI technology, Google’s image searching capabilities will find images relevant to just the highlighted section.

Users can search using selected portions of an image, the text within it, or even screengrabs from videos. This means that if a user wants to identify the bag a model is carrying, they can isolate the image of that bag and even inspect any text or logos visible on that product.

AI-Powered Multisearch:

Diving further into search via images, Google also announced a new “AI-Powered Multisearch.” The new circling example makes it easy to search other images to find online but Google is allowing users to now perform full searches with their own images.

Google now allows users to take or use saved photos on their cameras. Users can then ask a question using the Google app. The new AI-Powered Multisearch with take both the content of your image, the added context of your query, and combine them into a personalised search engine results page.

Google stated that “with AI-powered insights that go beyond just visual matches,” and that “this gives you the ability to ask more complex or nuanced questions about what you see, and quickly find and understand key information.”