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Apple Maps Forcibly Closing Listings Over Missing Business Hours and Conflicting Information

June 7, 2024 /
All industries  /   Algorithm Updates 

Apple is committed to providing the best possible navigation experience for its users, and if this requires closing some businesses, then so be it. If Apple doubts the accuracy of the information it provides to its users, it finds it preferable to remove the listing from its directory altogether. Rather than risk directing customers to a business outside of operating hours or to an incorrect address, it opts not to send any leads there at all, marking the listing as permanently closed unless those businesses update their Apple Maps information.

The possibility of simply setting up your information on Apple Maps and forgetting about it is no longer an option. Those who fail to complete all required fields, such as business hours, are being marked as permanently closed. Although setting these hours within Apple Maps might be straightforward initially, Apple is now also cross-referencing its listings with other directories. If there are discrepancies in a business’s address, phone number, holiday hours, or other details compared to Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, etc., it will still be marked as permanently closed in Apple’s directory.

To maintain the health of your business’s Apple listing, it is now crucial not only to monitor your Apple Maps details but also to ensure your information is up-to-date across all parts of the online ecosystem. Apple plays a significant role in the online maps arena, and if you wish to remain visible there, you must ensure your listings are accurate everywhere else!