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When is a mobile friendly website not mobile friendly?

When is a mobile friendly website not mobile friendly? When Google says it’s not. As of November 1st 2015, mobile websites that actively promote an interstitial advert asking the user to download the app version of their content could see their websites being penalised on Google’s organic search results. As usual, there are two sides […]

Twitter advertising reach set to more than double

In 2013 Twitter made one of the shrewdest investments of the year by purchasing mobile ad exchange company MoPub. The company specialised in providing in-app advertising across a wide range of network apps, offering promoted tweets and videos. This acquisition meant that Twitter suddenly has the ability to offer advertising on both their growing social […]

The App, the Browser and the Mobile Ad Blocker

Browsers were once the battlefields where advertising revenue wars were won and lost. Now, that battle is evolving and we have a new contender on our hands; the mobile ad blocker. There’s nothing new about the ad blocker, internet users have been using them for years and 28% of Americans claim to already use Eyeo’s […]