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Why Local Presence Management is critical for your brand health

The world of SEO is an everchanging landscape, and one area organisations may overlook when managing their organic content is local search. Local search, which involves optimising a company’s online presence for local consumers and search engines, is crucial for driving business outcomes. It’s built on the foundation of Local Presence Management (LPM), which is […]

2023: The year of the visual internet

The year is already presenting a lot of opportunities and challenges for marketers. On one hand, there are disruptions to the marketing industry with the ongoing evolution of the SERP (search engine results page), the rise of generative content (content created by artificial intelligence), and even economic uncertainty on the horizon. On the other hand, […]

Google launches new World Cup attribute for venues showing matches

With the World Cup having already kicked off, Google is asking certain businesses—particularly bars and restaurants—if they will be showing World Cup games at their location. If listing owners add the “Showing the World Cup” attribute to their Google Business Profile (GBP), Google will display it prominently in both Google Maps and Google Search. Google […]

What is reputation management?

Consumers have tipped the balance of power. They have instant access to almost everything there is to know about any business—and can make or break brands through the collective power of reviews, ratings, and user-generated content (UGC). In this new dynamic, it’s essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes to not only monitor but […]