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5 reasons why now is the time to invest in content

Understandably, most businesses are focusing their attention on operations right now. Many are retrofitting to be able to continue delivery of goods and services to customers while sustaining as much revenue as they can. For businesses running with a lean staff, it may be all they can do to keep their heads above water. For […]

Our lasting adaptations will create the new normal

Nasser Sahlool has just nicely articulated the human imperative for a return to normalcy, as well as the sureness that what follows the COVID-19 pandemic will be a new normal. And it’s true: we’re experiencing an unprecedented period of forced adaptation that’s both rapid and global—as well as heartbreaking and terrifying—but it will bring out […]

Multi-Touch Attribution: What’s the Real Value of Branded SEM?

Savvy clients are always asking us questions like, “What’s the real value of branded SEM? How do I know I’m not just paying for clicks I’d get organically anyway?” These questions have been around for a long time, but improvements in multi-touch attribution technology are more recently beginning to provide better answers. Fundamentally, there are […]