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DAC Blog Authors Jenna Watson
Jenna Watson

Jenna Watson

Senior Vice President, Digital Media

Jenna Watson has been working in digital media since it was brand new – the real wild west – where she learned the ropes (none of which are still viable in practice today!) making it up as she went, just like everyone else, and learning on the fly. She started out as an email marketer (*cough* spammer *cough*) then moved on to paid search. After three years, she moved into account management and media strategy, and the rest is history.

Born and raised in Iowa, Jenna escaped the corn fields and spent a couple years in Seattle after graduating the University of Iowa. She found her true home in Chicago in 2000, where she’s been ever since. She’s been lucky enough to work for several digital agencies in Chicago, working hand-in-hand to create and deliver winning digital media strategies with top-tier clients across retail, B2B, travel, and financial services. She continually strives to build strong bonds between client and agency teams, ensuring our agency’s work is truly impactful to an organization’s objectives.

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