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Digiday Technology Awards 2023 Shortlist: Best Location Data Platform

In addition to our unique suite of services and some of the industry’s brightest minds, DAC’s exclusive in-house technology sets us apart in a fast-changing and highly competitive marketing landscape. TransparenSEE, our local presence management dashboard, is a great example: It not only saves our clients countless hours but maximizes search visibility, simplifies processes, and reveals priceless insights for brick-and-mortar businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, we used TransparenSEE to drive local traffic to stores and store pages for a major automotive retailer. The platform helped us coordinate efforts across four main areas—local content creation, local SEO, local review management, and local reporting—and drive transformational growth for our client. It also earned a nomination for Best Local Data Platform at the Digiday Technology Awards 2023.