Curation, creation, and a whole lot of conversion.

Hello, Tapan! Glad you could join me.


I just want to let you know that DAC Group’s Content Strategy team is a talented bunch. We know that content and social are not vanity or awareness-only kind of plays: with the right strategy in place—including editorial planning, social audits, user paths, information architecture, and email strategy—they can be targeted, measured, and optimized using real data insights.

We’d love the opportunity to get social with you and explore the many exciting possibilities ahead for Cardinal Health’s digital content. We’re sure Eli and the team will do a great job communicating our passion at tomorrow’s meeting. Hope you’re looking forward to it too!

DAC Chicago office

444 N Michigan Ave #1270,
Chicago, IL 60611, USA
Meeting starts at 12 noon
Wednesday, March 29

DAC Group’s vital statistics:

  • 5m+ landing pages managed
  • 45 years in business
  • 30 unique verticals targeted
  • 11 offices around the world
  • …and one priority: our clients!
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