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10 things threatening your brand’s reputation

When it comes to running a successful business, reputation is everything. But a good reputation doesn’t build itself. Every customer interaction, positive or negative, in person or online, can shift the needle, so it’s important to keep some best practices in mind for cultivating a reputation you can be proud of. Here are 10 things […]

The new normal: Accelerating to a digital future

🎧 Listen to this post When I was 15, I moved to the UK from a country that had experienced civil wars, revolutions, and military coups. My new classmates would ask me, “What was it like to live there?” My response was always the same: “It was normal”. While these are extraordinary times, we cannot […]

DAC Data Breach

DAC has experienced an illegal data breach of limited amounts of data, primarily business email addresses, from a single, isolated development server, not a production system. As a search and digital marketing agency we only have access to publicly available data. We do not have access to, or store any, sensitive personal information. The breach […]

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Converting?

The biggest gap in digital planning happens early in strategy development. With marketing and brand managers racing to integrate” must have” digital into their marketing plans many aren’t taking the time to identify how they’ll accurately measure outcomes. The old adage of 80% of winning is simply showing up rings true but, it’s the remaining […]

DAC breakfast with Google in Vancouver

As part of ongoing joint efforts between DAC and Google, we hosted a breakfast event in Vancouver at the Georgia Hotel. In attendance were over 30 DAC clients. The subjects discussed included the Canadian digital landscape as well as a peek behind the curtain at upcoming services that Google is launching in the near future. […]

What Kodak’s Demise Can Teach Us About Advertising

Kodak’s long, slow demise reached its logical conclusion today. Scratch the surface and there is a critical lesson. Kodak did not end up filing for bankruptcy protection because it was not an innovator. After all, Kodak created one of the first digital cameras back in 1975. Was today’s endgame inevitable from that point on? Not […]

DAC breakfast with Google at the Spoke Club

Today we had the pleasure of hosting the first of a series of cross country events with our partners at Google. The breakfast, held at the Spoke Club in downtown Toronto was well attended by DAC client partners and featured content by Pepe Lopez de Ayala (Google), Nectarios Economakis (Google) and Jeremy Butteriss (Google) as […]

SMX Social Media Marketing Day 1 recap – the Marvin Gaye Experience

I have a playlist on my iPod that is simply titled ‘awesome’. I know that’s unimaginative, but sometimes it’s necessary to cut to the chase if you need to prepare for a big day/event/meeting. It’s not subtle. It’s direct and it gets me going. My ‘awesome’ playlist includes a bit of James Brown riffing on […]

+1…more time for Google

Google hasn’t had an easy ride in the social space. Google Wave and Google Buzz were both false starts. There has been speculation recently as to how Google was finally going to crack social media. Today they fired their latest salvo in the race; +1. As with any of Google’s most successful offerings, what works in its favour […]