Monthly Archives: April 2021

Podcast rewind: 4 predictions about the death of the website

Phone booths. Floppy disks. Pagers. MySpace. Almost every obsolete innovation was once considered an indispensable daily essential that would last as long as the world kept turning. But look at them now: dusty, distant, described only in the sepia-toned language of nostalgia. But the website is different, right? How could the internet even exist without […]

How we’re making every day Earth Day

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” –Barbara Ward As we celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded to be kinder to our planet—today and every day. In this post, we take a closer look at how DAC is working to reduce our […]

3 key findings from Forrester’s omnichannel study on behalf of DAC

Omnichannel offers seamless, continuous customer experiences across online and offline touch points. If you get it right, you’ll drive both customer and financial growth. But if you get omnichannel wrong (or don’t bother at all), the opposite will be true: you’ll frustrate even your most loyal customers and erode your marketing ROI. Although the stakes […]

Rethink your tactics to turn virtual traffic into physical traffic

As businesses continue to navigate regional re-openings, lockdowns, and capacity limits, they are understandably focusing on adapting their physical stores to offer the best customer experience possible. The very same customers are planning their trips in greater detail—either to limit their risks or simply avoid wasting their time—which means it’s never been more important for […]

What is Google Question Hub—and why is it a potential game-changer?

Google isn’t shy about letting us know what it wants. But in the increasingly important world of instant answers and FAQs, third-party vendors have stolen a march on the search giant, with tools like Authoritas’ FAQ Explorer anticipating Google’s desires before Google itself had a chance to elucidate. Now, for the first time, Google is providing […]

March 2021 Local Search Roundup

An algorithm update, free listings on Google Hotels, and a shiny new “estimated cost” field in the local pack. March brought a series of iterative changes to local search—some experimental in nature, others seemingly overdue—so let’s get straight to it. Google’s latest search ranking algorithm update In the last week of February, Google rolled out […]