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Case Study: Clas Ohlson

The challenge

Swedish retail and hardware store Clas Ohlson was a relatively unknown brand name in the UK. Operating in a competitive market, they were facing serious challenges to grow ecommerce revenue and expand brand awareness.

Clas Ohlson logo

The solution

We understood that it would take an in-depth, multifaceted analysis—accounting for both micro- and macro-level factors—to maximize Clas Ohlson’s annual budgets for digital.

Laptop displaying Google shopping search results for ear protectors

1 Data first

Our analytics team worked to build the reports required to continuously measure performance—an essential aspect in a continuous feedback loop of optimization and action. Our findings led to a significant strategic change early on: focusing on “shopping first”.

2 Campaign restructure

After dealing with the existing data feed’s technical issues, we implemented a restructure designed to deliver maximum ROI. Campaign segmentation was constructed in a way that made highly targeted product campaigns possible, while still permitting the necessary traffic needed for effective machine learning and data automation.


Next came the cherry on top: contextual and geographic bid adjustments were subsequently layered to maximize performance.

The impact

It’s no exaggeration to say that our considered, data-driven approach transformed Clas Ohlson’s fortunes in digital—especially for their paid media.


increase in paid media revenue


increase in paid traffic


increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)