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Bing Gains AI Shopping Features and Visual Search

July 28, 2023 /
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Along with Google’s expansion into AI Search Generative Experiences, Bing announced several new features in Bing Search, Chat, and the Edge sidebar. The features include AI-generated buying guides, AI-generated review summaries, new price match monitors, and the ability to upload images into Chat for a visual search.

Buying Guides:

Bing now incorporates AI with user’s purchase profiles to suggest categories of products that may interest them. These guides will show potential products of interest as well as comparisons between similar products such as color or other specifications.

Review Summaries:

Bing is using its AI tools to pull reviews summaries of products it suggests. Scraping the product inventory page, social media, and other sources, Bing’s AI will attempt to generate a general sentiment analysis and overall review of searched items.

Price Match:

Similar to Google’s “Price History”, Bing will now notify users of price changes to any products which they are watching. Users can receive alerts for a price drop prior to purchase and post-purchase to request partial refunds or a price match.

AI Visual Search:  

Reverse search through uploaded images has existed for some time now but within Bing’s AI chatbot, it is also allowing users to easily ask questions in regards to the results. A reverse image search allows users to track down sources or similar images while Bing’s chat features can field queries using natural language processing. A users seeking to understand more about their uploaded image can ask about topics such as context, contents within the image, or other relevant information that the AI can gleam from the upload.

[YouTube video of Bing Visual Search]

These AI features have been incorporated by both Bing and Google over the years but their continued support and updates are showing that they intend to have them stay. With the surge of new interest in AI and users growing more accustomed to communicating with these natural language models, search engine are having to adjust to user expectations, and businesses in turn are having to ensure their information is something understood and then presented by these AI models.

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