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Apple Business Connect Now Lets Businesses Add Links to Their Apple Maps Local Listing

June 7, 2024 /
All industries  /   Algorithm Updates 

In a much-needed update to Apple Maps’ relaunch, Apple Business Connect now enables marketers to include Calls-To-Action (CTAs) in their local listings. These CTAs can range from scheduling an appointment and requesting a quote, to purchasing tickets for a promoted event. Such features are crucial for online listing marketing, as they minimise the gap between a customer’s initial interest in a business and their commitment to a purchase.

While Google has long supported the inclusion of links within its Google Business Profiles platform, Apple is rapidly incorporating these essential capabilities. The latest update means that these links don’t just stay within the Apple Maps environment. Instead, clicking on a CTA often leads to developer-created experiences via App Clips, apps, or universal links that open in a Safari web view. These customisable actions can be implemented using the Apple Business Connect API by Third-Party Partners or Enterprise companies that possess an app.

The complete list of options available for Apple’s CTAs includes:

  • Schedule
  • Services
  • Availability
  • Quote
  • Tickets
  • Activities
  • Pricing
  • Shows
  • Events
  • Parking
  • Careers
  • Gift Card