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Podcast rewind: Camille Fetter’s 4 insights into the Great Resignation

Employers know it. Employees know it. The demand for talent has never been fiercer during the “Great Resignation”, one of the pandemic’s most complex and nuanced aftershocks. In the digital sector especially, we are witnessing a sea change in employer/employee relationships, from remote working arrangements to the rise of pay transparency. But how should businesses […]

Podcast rewind: 4 predictions and pitfalls for the new year

Time has been hazy the past couple years, but we’ve managed to stumble our way into 2022. We’ll take the victories where we can. Now that the holidays are over, our eyes are on what’s to come in the new year. Digital performance media, Google platform aspirations, in-housing talent—there’s plenty of fodder for predictions. So […]

Podcast rewind: 4 takeaways from *that* metaverse reveal

Is the fate of the future hypervirtual? If all comes together, an emerging metaverse may prove to be the tipping point. The concept of the metaverse is nothing new, but there’s renewed interest thanks to Facebook’s rebrand as Meta. And Meta is very interested in the potential of a metaverse. Association by default with what […]