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Triple Triumph: David Lloyd Clubs & DAC Shortlisted for 3 Prestigious Performance Marketing Awards 2024

David Lloyd Clubs, in collaboration with DAC, has once again showcased its marketing prowess, earning three nominations at the Performance Marketing Awards 2024. This recognition highlights our strategic excellence in enhancing visibility and engagement within the highly competitive fitness and leisure industry.

Facing the challenge of distinguishing David Lloyd Clubs in a crowded market, our teams developed a comprehensive performance marketing strategy that focuses on localised and lifestyle-oriented search queries. This “gym with” initiative not only targets specific amenities but also tailors the digital experience to the preferences of potential members, driving substantial increases in qualified leads and conversions.

The effectiveness of our collaborative efforts is evident, not just in improved performance metrics but also in the transformative impact on David Lloyd Clubs’ market position. These achievements have secured nominations for Best Team in Performance Marketing, Best Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle Campaign, and Best Lead Generation Campaign, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field.