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Celebrating diversity and inclusion at DAC

Celebrating diversity and inclusion at DAC

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Marcel Labbe

Business is business, right? Well, not entirely. A business is also a community. Full-time workers in almost every industry, profession, and function spend a third of their day working. With so much time in one another’s company—either in person or remotely—coworkers have to be able to form meaningful bonds through shared values, ethics, and interests.

But diversity and inclusivity can’t simply be buzzwords in job ads; they have to be woven into company cultures. This common ground is an essential part of DAC’s fabric.

A moment to celebrate

There are many regional, national, and international events throughout the year that recognize various communities, and we strive to acknowledge them. But that doesn’t mean we wait for those high-profile calendar days to roll around.

We recognize and celebrate our shared values every single day because normalizing diversity is one of our core strengths as an agency. It’s not a corporate initiative that’s reviewed quarterly, but rather a commitment that has been part of our DNA for decades.

June is Pride Month for most of the locations where we have offices. Held in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots—the beginning of the fight against LGBTQ+ prejudice and discrimination—this worldwide celebration isn’t only about sexual orientation. It raises awareness and promotes the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion in all walks of society.

Spectators at the Gay Pride Parade in Greenwich Village.

For obvious reasons, there will be no parades and much less fanfare this time around. But this remains an important opportunity for us to recognize, celebrate, and support our LGBTQ+ members of staff.

Respect today—and every day

Of course, our support for the LBGTQ+ community doesn’t end on July 1. Our ongoing goal is to ensure that nobody at DAC ever feels discriminated against, treated differently, or deprived of opportunities because of their sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, age, or beliefs.

Forward-thinking companies know that when people feel appreciated and included they tend to be more creative, innovative, motivated, and successful. That’s why we let nothing get in the way of our quest to hire the best. We scour the world for talented people who are curious, enthusiastic, and courageous—regardless of faith, sexual orientation, race, or gender.

In return, we provide a safe space for our team members to be their authentic selves and thrive as individuals; a place for our employees to feel like they belong. In other words, we simply want our staff to be themselves.

So, we toast the spirit of Pride Month even in the absence of in-person events. You can be sure that when we return to a more celebratory occasion next year, DAC’s various offices will be delighted to play an active role in the festivities.


Marcel Labbe
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