A Bright Future is Here

A Bright Future is Here

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Throughout our journey, we have reimagined and reinvented the way we work, the way we think, and the way we drive growth for our clients.

It has enabled us to navigate successive revolutions—technology, media, data—and continue to do what we do best: connect brands with customers all the way down to the hyperlocal level.

So we’re delighted to introduce our new logo and the accompanying brand look and feel. The transformed expressions of the DAC brand reflect our confidence and optimism for the success of all of our client partners and our firm and its people.

The story behind our logo

Partnership icon from DAC logo

This intersecting icon symbolizes DAC’s commitment to the Partnership Ethic. Partnership is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. We come through for our client partners. We focus on their success. Their success is our success.

Growth icon from DAC logo

Growth is the DNA of our firm. Searching for alternative pathways to grow our clients’ businesses is what we do best. This icon symbolizes our willingness to embrace change and thrive. A growth culture is positive and optimistic.

Infinite possibilities icon from DAC logo

The virtuous loop is a mathematical symbol denoting Infinite Possibilities. Seeing opportunity in the explosion of data and learning in the digital world are embodied in this icon. We embrace learning from the avalanche of data available and the mathematics of digital marketing. We blend our strategic savvy and market experience with the quantitative skills to find the best possible solutions. This icon is intended to help reinforce a forward-looking, optimistic view.

Ideas icon from DAC logo

Ideas are the lifeblood of DAC. Ideas are fueled by creativity in everyone. DAC culture celebrates curiosity and rewards ingenuity. Both are essential ingredients in the relentless search for powerful ideas and innovation.

Plus icon from DAC logo

The Plus icon symbolizes the addition of our considerable talents and capabilities to achieve “plus” growth. It also reinforces the positive, optimistic attitude that supports our growth culture.

A fresh new look and feel

To reflect the meaning and feeling symbolized by the logo, we have created a new look with a fresh color palette, accessibly elegant typography, and powerful imagery brought together with a unique and approachable design. Our goal is to enhance the work we do every day with our new logo and brand expression—from our website to presentations, business cards, and beyond.

DAC logo

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