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3 Ways to Level Up Your Business’ Pinterest Strategy

3 Ways to Level Up Your Business’ Pinterest Strategy

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The days of creating vision boards and having to browse through catalogues to plan your next purchase are long over, thanks—in part—to the creation of Pinterest.

What’s the big deal about Pinterest? Unlike content on other social platforms, Pinterest content has a longer shelf life. A single pin is often re-pinned and shared long after the first upload, generating additional engagement, traffic and click-throughs. Second only to Facebook, Pinterest drives more social referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram combined.

Pinterest also boasts 250 million active users and is valued at $12.3 billion. Even more impressive? Those users have pinned 175 billion items on 3 billion virtual pinboards, and 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases while 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest. Pretty powerful. (Check out our infographic to see more stats about the power of Pinterest).

It’s clear that Pinterest is able to reach new customers and create personalized experiences for existing ones. So, how can brands in relevant verticals (retails, fashion, food and beverage, health and fitness, and more) make the platform work for them?

  1. Leverage keyword research to curate content based on user needs

    Pinterest offers a functionality called “rich pins” that feeds real time info about a product directly onto a pinned post. By embedding SEO-rich content into pins, brands can not only generate keyword rich material but also push actionable content to their users and drive conversion on their sites.

    The general SEO value in optimizing pins and boards is huge. Conducting a quick Google image search in key subject matter such as retail, lifestyle, health, fitness, décor, and holiday topics (amongst many others) will bring up a variety of images, some user-generated, and many pulled straight from Pinterest itself.

  2. Use Pinterest’s analytics to make the most of audience demographics

    Pinterest discloses the gender, geographic location, interests, and device preferences of their users to business accounts using their analytics. Make the most of this data to serve tailored content to your brand’s personas based on data-driven insights garnered from the psychographic data available on the Pinterest dashboard.

    If there are existing boards in your account where geo-tagging pins would be relevant, you can also add maps to these boards by updating their pins with a location. Consider user intent and your content themes as well. The more you tailor content to your audience, the higher the return on investment.

  3. Upgrade your ads with Audience Insights

    Pinterest offers brands a fairly comprehensive ad manager to launch and optimize campaigns. Optimize your campaign performance and ad budget by frequently reviewing your campaign reporting, performance, and ad delivery. By setting up your campaign with relevant goals—whether it’s brand awareness or traffic or app installs—you’ll be able to see the correct metrics, such as CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or CPI (cost per install).

    Within ad manager you are also able to reallocate bids and compare to see if you are competitive with how other advertisers are bidding. Pinterest suggests additional steps to improve brand ad campaign performance.

In the age of digital, content reigns supreme. Reaching your audiences with the right message at the right time has proven to be a critical factor for brands that want to be top of mind for their demographic. Most critically for brands, Pinterest offers inspiration, ideas, and solutions focused on a user’s specific interest.

From living room décor inspiration to Christmas gift ideas, there is a Pinterest board dedicated to anything you can imagine. Consumers may pin products days, weeks, or even months prior to booking their next vacation, starting renovations, or planning their next OOTD and refer back when they are ready to make a purchase.

Taking advantage of the new wave of visual search will not only strength your marketing efforts but will also help keep you relevant and top of mind with your targeted consumer. To that end, we’ve pulled together an infographic overview of how Pinterest can help your business win. Check it out below, or download the PDF version here.

Ready to unleash your brand’s Pinterest potential? We can help. Contact DAC!

Pinterest Infographic 2018

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