Monthly Archives: January 2020

January 2020 LPM roundup

The holidays are behind us and it’s time to go over the search engine updates that snuck by while we were gorging on sweet treats. There were a few noticeable changes from both the tail end of 2019 and the first month of 2020, including Google kicking off the year with a core algorithm update […]

What can football teach you about content strategy?

Football fans witnessed the death of a dynasty this season. Whether you were cheering or sobbing as the Patriots sang their swan song, history was made—and now, days away from Super Bowl LIV, fans are in for a wild, unpredictable ride. Gridiron Digest describes this year’s match-up between the 49ers and the Chiefs as “the […]

Why local search is more than just Google My Business

You won’t be surprised to learn that Google is essentially a monopoly in local search, controlling up to 95% of search traffic in certain verticals. That makes the search giant a critically important source of revenue for local businesses and enterprise brands with distributed local footprints. But local search is more than Google My Business […]

Take another look—almost all search is local search

As far back as 2015, 97% of consumers were searching for local businesses online, with 93% of those searches triggering Google’s local 3-pack. It was obvious that local search was an enormous part of all online search—and in 2020, it’s easy to argue that all search is effectively local. After all, even when a query […]

What is UTM tracking—and how does it elevate your marketing?

UTM parameters are a frequent topic of discussion in digital. But what are they? And why do they matter? If UTM tracking is new to you, it’s time to get in the game. If it’s not, consider this a timely refresher. Head over to Proove Analytics, our data analytics center of excellence, to learn everything […]