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What can football teach you about content strategy?

Football fans witnessed the death of a dynasty this season. Whether you were cheering or sobbing as the Patriots sang their swan song, history was made—and now, days away from Super Bowl LIV, fans are in for a wild, unpredictable ride. Gridiron Digest describes this year’s match-up between the 49ers and the Chiefs as “the […]

RE: How to Stop Sending Terrible Emails

How many emails did you receive today? This afternoon? Or even in the last hour? Probably more than you care to count. The Inbox Zero dream is definitely dead. Consider this: Today, there are 8 billion email users worldwide This number is expected to grow to over 4.2 billion by year-end 2022 Total worldwide email […]

Why Good Stories Are Not Enough

As marketers, our job is to tell great stories that help move people to action. But, in an age of content oversaturation, a great story is no longer enough to keep make people open, read, and act on our emails. To create any kind of impact, you need to be sure you’re not only telling […]